Achieve brilliant brows in minutes - HERE’S HOW!

I know you are a busy woman who may not always have time to complete her entire makeup routine every single day, however I am here to make sure you at least have time to sculpt your amazing brows with our new Glow Tweezers.  You can also compliment your brow tools with our QuickFix Tool Box and one of our bestselling Brow Definers.  With these simple tools at your fingertips, you’re just one minute away from brilliant brows!

Remember - less is more when it comes to brows.

Embrace your natural arch

Aim to maintain the natural arch of your brow — over-tweezing, threading or waxing in the wrong place will make your eyebrows look odd and affect the natural balance of your face. Enhance the shape you have instead of trying to create a different one that (1) looks out of place and (2) takes tonnes of management.  Go for subtle rather than that dense microbladed brow which can look very harsh on us more mature ladies.

Tinting is the secret

Wasn’t it just yesterday that super-groomed, slender brows were in fashion? How has everyone transformed them from looking skinny to thick so quickly? Tinting! That’s how! Adding a touch of colour to your brows instantly makes them look thicker, elongates sparse ends and enhances their texture. 

You can either get your brows professionally tinted and you’ll spend less time filling in gaps and reshaping each day or you can fill in with the Hello Dame Brow Definer.

Be frugal with filling in

The eyebrow hairs that grow closest to your nose are naturally sparser and finer than elsewhere. Don’t be tempted to fill them in too much with pencil or you’ll create a blocky brow that looks strangely heavy and drawn on. A few gentle strokes of your pencil, that follow the growth pattern of your existing hairs, is perfect. 

Follow the same rule for the ends (or tails) of your brows because they too are naturally scant. You can also lay your pencil horizontally down each side of your nose to figure out how much of a gap you should leave between your brows — wherever the inner side of the pencil hits your brow is where the gap should start.

Go for broke on fuller arches

Focus most of your pencil along the arch area of your brow to create the illusion of denser hair growth. Again, work with the natural direction that your hairs are growing in so your pencil strokes blend in seamlessly.

Ready, SET, go!

If you’re feeling like going the whole hog, sweep some eyebrow wax over your eyebrows to set them in place for the whole day. This step adds a couple of extra seconds to your eyebrow grooming routine but the long-lasting effects are so worth it!

Our Two Most Popular Products in One

The QuickFix Tool Box comes as a bundle with our new Glow Tweezers.  You’ll be able to thicken and shape your perfect brow while still maintaining a sophisticated, natural look. The LED light allows you to see exactly which hairs to pluck and shape and I advise you to follow the mantra of less is more when it comes to plucking your brows!

Add our collection of brow tools to your daily kit and always have brows that help you to look like the sophisticated, beautiful women you so deserve to be.