Are false eyelashes harmful to your eyes?

One question I get asked all the time is “Are false eyelashes harmful to your eyes?”

If you're in your 50s and 60s, the truth is we didn't grow up wearing false eyelashes so they can seem like quite a new and novel concept.  And there is normally some fear and trepidation about trying something new for the first time, especially around your eye area.  However, you can comfortably wear false lashes all day and not experience any problems whatsoever!

We are proud that Hello Dame is entirely cruelty-free and we have no wish to harm animals.  We never use mink or any other animal fur in our lashes. Our lashes are made out of premium quality synthetic silk. All of our products are manufactured in a cruelty-free environment and are completely suitable for vegans.

It helps to think of false eyelashes a bit like contact lenses.  When contacts first came onto the market, the thought of them seemed a bit strange and foreign.  But as time went on, most people realised they were perfectly safe and started wearing them daily.  The convenience of contacts was the big attraction and lashes are the same.  

Obviously you're not putting something in your eye as the lashes sit on your upper eyelid but once you get the hang of them I absolutely promise you will LOVE wearing falsies.  There’s good reason false eyelashes are the most popular way to add drama to a makeup look - when applied correctly, they’re placed as close as possible to the lashline. This creates the illusion that they actually are your natural eyelashes and that you woke up with these gorgeous, fluttery lashes.  I mean - who doesn’t want that?

Watch this video where I demonstrate how easy it is to apply the Invisylash Sharon and how quick and easy they are to apply.