Brown Lashes And A Story About Marmite!


invisible lashes for mature women


Brown false lashes have become increasingly popular among women as they offer a “softer” look than traditional black lashes whilst still providing volume and length.  The demand for brown lashes has led to evolving trends, with brown lashes being touted as the next 'it' style. I’m not sure about that but I do know if you want a soft summery vibe then a chocolate brown could be the colour for you. 

Of course, brown lashes are suitable for everyone, but blondes, redheads, mature women (over 55’s which is me 😂), and women new to lashes will especially appreciate this softer colour.  They offer a more natural transition and can create a very sophisticated summer vibe.  They are a great choice for women new to lashes plus the glue (InvisyBond) is clear which some of you may find easier to manage to begin with. 

Here I am sporting our Invisylash ALLURING in soft brown.

invisible lashes brown

However, as with all things in life, it does come down to personal choice which leads me on to a story about Marmite.  

Marmite has to be one of the most polarising products out there ​​and if you're British no doubt you grew up with the salty spread on white toast as a teatime staple.   However, not everyone loves Marmite but the brand has used that honesty about its product to great effect.  'You Either Love It Or Hate It' is both a brand slogan and a truism so powerful that the words 'like Marmite' are now regularly used to describe anything divisive.  

Marmite have now branched into other product combinations including peanut butter, chilli and houmous. Who knew? Personally I’m a fanatic and a lover of marmite and could eat buckets of the stuff whereas my mother loathes it and thinks it’s food of the devil!

False lashes are a similarly divisive product.  Some women absolutely LOVE them, find them easy to apply and just adore how our Invisylash lashes can open up the eye, others are not so keen.  Just like Marmite, it doesn’t make Invisylash a bad product per se, it just means they may not be for you - and that’s ok.

At Hello Dame I aim to focus on the “fun” aspect of makeup and try not to take myself too seriously especially when it comes to trying out new makeup looks.  If you’re feeling adventurous this summer I suggest you try a pair of Invisylash in Brown and save a whopping £14.00 while stock lasts - stock is VERY limited so hurry.

If you find they are not for you at least you gave it a go.  And you never know, you could be a convert and unexpectedly turn into a lover and a raving fan!