Can you COMFORTABLY wear glasses and false lashes?

In this video blog, I demonstrate how easy it is to wear the  Invisylash in SHIRLEY and your glasses.  Shirley is an alluring fuller lash which would suit those of you who want something a bit more dramatic but don’t want to look like you are wearing hairy caterpillars.

Do you lashes turn to spider legs when you apply mascara because your natural lashes are too thin.  It could be that you are noticing as you get older, that your lashes are looking a bit sparse and could do with a bit of help.

Shirley adds just enough volume and lusciousness to your eyes without you looking ridiculous.  We want subtle and gorgeous.  Your friends will notice that there is something different about your new make up and will comment how well you look.

These lashes are so lightweight you can wear them all day without even noticing you are wearing lashes.  They are designed for women who have never worn lashes before so if you are a complete beginner and want to try lashes for the first time, these would be perfect.

The lashes in the Invisylash range start from the mid point pupil.  This is to mimic your natural lash line and to prevent getting glue on the inner corners of your eyes which can be an irritant.

What's In The Kit?

With Invisylash Shirley, you get 3 pairs of lashes in a kit with a clear liner and this pack would last you at least a couple of months of continuous wear.

Getting Started

You will need a set of Invisylash lashes, an Angled Eyelash Brush and a pair of Tweezers.  All these products can be found on the website.  Using tweezers, hold the corner of the lash and very gently pull the lash out of the box

Hold the lash up against your eye to see if it needs trimming.  If it is too wide for your eye, trim from the outer edge in.  Or trim from the long end inwards.  Once the lash is the correct length:

If you are a complete beginner and you have NEVER worn lashes before, I suggest practicing on the inside of your wrist first.  This will show you how the lashes adhere to your skin.  The eyes are quite a sensitive area and you will feel more confident if you practice first.

Hold the lash in your fingers and apply several layers of glue on the lash line.  You could add this as an eyeliner if you want to - it is down to personal preference.  The liner comes out a milky colour and then dries clear.

BEND THE LASH WHILST YOU LET THE LINER DRY.  PLEASE BE PATIENT as this will make a huge difference. Hold the lash as close to your lash line as possible and place the lash down on to your eyelid.

Now What?

Once the lash liner has dried, squeeze the Invisylash and your natural lash together to close off any gaps.

Add eyeshadow and mascara to complete the look.  Your lashes are not going anywhere and if they move around it is because the liner has not dried properly.

Now put your glasses on!  See how they fit behind my glasses.  So comfortable and really quick and easy to apply.