Ditch the Bouquet: False Lashes are the Trendy Mother's Day Gift of 2023!

Ditch the Bouquet: False Lashes are the Trendy Mother's Day Gift of 2023!


As Mother's Day approaches, we are beginning to thinks about what gifts to give our gorgeous Mum's.  One common, and let's face it, boring gift that 1000's of people give on this special day is flowers.  And while flowers are undoubtedly beautiful, they have become an unimaginative and predictable choice for Mother's Day. It feels like a last minute thought and no doubt the same as last year!  Why not consider a more unusual and unexpected gift such as a beautiful set of false lashes?

False lashes are a really unique gift that your mother is unlikely to expect. They are a great way to enhance her natural beauty and help her feel confident and glamorous. False lashes come in a variety of styles, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic, so you can find the perfect pair at Hello Dame London to suit your mother's style.

Furthermore, false lashes are not a gift that many of us think to give, making it all the more special and thoughtful. You can show your mother that you put some effort and thought into finding a gift that she will truly appreciate and something that will make her feel so much better about herself.

In addition to being a unique and unusual gift, false lashes are also practical. Your mother can wear them on special occasions or even daily, and they can be easily removed and reused. Unlike flowers, which will eventually wilt and fade, false lashes can provide long-lasting beauty and enjoyment.  Plus they will make her feel up to date and relevant and what mature women doesn't want that?

Of course, it's important to keep in mind your mother's preferences and comfort level when considering false lashes as a gift. If she has never worn false lashes before our Invisylash Superlight is the perfect "beginners" lash.  It comes with a mascara like SuperBond and the Invisylash lashes are worn underneath the natural for a completely seamless lash look.

However, if you know she enjoys experimenting with makeup and trying new things, then Invisylash Alluring could be a great choice.  This really will make her feel visible and get heads turning when she walks into the room.

So while flowers may be a beautiful and traditional gift for Mother's Day, they have become a predictable and unimaginative choice. Consider surprising your mother with a unique and unexpected gift like false lashes. It's a practical and thoughtful gesture that will show your mother how much you care about her and her happiness.