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False lashes for beginners
Follow these incredibly easy steps to achieve a gorgeous lash look with
Invisylash ALLURING


Alluring is the most dramatic 3/4 lenght lash on offer.  Long and luscious this lash really gives you the wow factor without being too much or too young!  Your friends will notice there is something different about you without it being obvious.

The Invisylash range takes seconds to apply.  Cheaper and so much quicker than lash extensions.  What's not to love?


  • Each box lasts up to 90 days of continuous wear
  • Reusable, contact lens friendly and suitable to wear with glasses
  • Can be trimmed to a shorter lash if required
  • Suitable for evenings, Zoom calls, parties or date nights
  • Sweat proof, gym proof and won’t fall off in food or drinks
  • Hello Dame lashes are made out of premium quality synthetic silk

Each Box Contains:

3 pairs of Alluring lashes in BLACK

1 bottle of adhesive liner in CLEAR

hold the lash up against your eyelid and check it is the right size, you can always trim at each end if you need them to be smaller

Lashes for beginners

apply the clear adhesive to the lash band and not your eyelid - this stops your eyes getting too sticky

Lashes for beginners

press the last to your eyelid using our Angled Eyelash Brush as it is so much kinder to your eyes and ensures the lash sticks to your eyelid

invisible lashes for beginners
invisible lashes for beginners