Easy Guide to Hello Dame Lash Liners

Hello Dame Lash Liner

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a magnetic eyeliner and a NON magnetic or adhesive eyeliner?   The obvious answer is that one is magnetic, and one is formulated with glue.  So why would you choose magnetic lashes and a NON magnetic liner when wearing the Hello Dame Lash Enhancers?

The main reason is because some of you lovely women don’t like the “dark eyeliner” look and at Hello Dame it’s all about giving you a choice!.

 Hello Dame Lash Liners

I know you have a lot of questions, and as the lash expert, I’ve definitely got all the answers.


First things first. Our Hello Dame Magnetic Liners are created for magnetic lashes, while non magnetic generally works on regular lashes. HOWEVER both can work with magnetic lashes to give you a lash look you want.  Scroll down to read all the pros and cons and choose for yourself what’s best for you and your #lashgoals. 

What is Magnetic Eyeliner and How Does it Work? 

Our Hello Dame Magnetic Liner works just like your favourite liquid liner, except it’s formulated with minuscule iron oxide. This ingredient not only gives the liner its colour, but it’s also what attracts to the micro magnets on the magnetic eyelash band.  With just one swipe of liner and your perfect Hello Dame Lash Enhancer, and you’ll almost instantly give your eyes their dream lash volume, length, and flutter.

With this formula, you can readjust, re-stick, or apply an entirely different eyelash style again and again.  Plus, everything in the proprietary formula rates as safe and non-toxic.


  • Don’t need to be a pro to apply lashes
  • So much cheaper than going to a salon
  • Quicker too
  • Super easy to use and Lash Enhancer snap into place
  • Instantly magnetises to lashes
  • Re-sticks if you need to adjust
  • Holds the Audrey and Rita lashes all day AND all night
  • Comes in Dark Brown and Black colour options


  • Liner needs to fully dry (2-3 minutes)
  • Slightly thicker than traditional liquid liner 
  • Need a steady hand to put on the liner
  • Can be stubborn to remove
  • Use a two phase eyeliner remover for best results


 What is an Adhesive or NON Magnetic Liner and How Does it Work?

Adhesive or non magnetic is just another word for glue, which is the traditional way of applying false lashes.  The difference between a liner formula and the standard tube of lash glue is that the eyeliner formula comes with a brush applicator and is much lighter than traditional glue.   Our Hello Dame NON Magnetic Liner is one of the best in class/

You can apply it directly to your lash line or to the lash band, let it dry down to a tacky consistency, and then attach your falsies.  Once your lashes are on, you can’t readjust without starting completely over.  Again, everything in the proprietary formula rates as safe and non-toxic.


  • Really easy to use and PERFECT for complete beginners
  • Comes out milky and dries clear so you know where to attach yr lashes
  • Easy to remove with normal eye make remover
  • No clumps, no mess, no latex


  • Need more glue if you are readjusting lashes
  • Can get a bit sticky if you use too much to begin with

While a less expensive false eyelash option might sound enticing, it’s not worth it in the long run.  With the Hello Dame Liners and Lashes, you’ll get up to 60+ uses of the same eyelash style!  Plus, if you start your day with a natural lash and then want to level up to one that’s more dramatic—we’ve got all the options.