Effortlessly Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Invisylash - THE BEST Lash Solution for Busy Beginners!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your natural beauty and regain those beautiful lashes from your youth? Do you lack the patience to wait for a lash serums to work? 

Invisylash really are the perfect solution for busy beginners who want to look and feel their absolute best. From listening to my many customers I know that you long for the luscious lashes of your youth but don’t know where to start or which false lash to choose.  The most common comment I get is “I don’t want to look like a drag queen!” 


That's where Invisylash comes in. Invisylash is an ultra delicate, lightweight lash specifically designed for beginners who want to enhance their natural beauty with the minimum of fuss or expense. In this blog, I'll explore why Invisylash is THE LASH for women new to lashes.

What are Invisylash?

Invisylash use an invisible band to give a completely seamless lash look. The lashes are made of high-quality synthetic silk that look and feel like JUST LIKE real lashes. Invisylash gives you the natural look you desire while being comfortable to wear and easy to apply. They are ideal for vegans and those of you who want a cruelty free beauty product.

Why Invisylash Are THE BEST LASH For Complete Beginners

Here are some reasons why Invisylash is the perfect lash for beginners:

  1. Easy to Apply: Invisylash are placed underneath your natural lashes using the mascara like SuperBond.  As the Invisylash binds to your natural lashes and not your skin this effectively reduces any sensitivity or allergies.
  2. Comfortable to Wear: Invisylash are uber lightweight and comfortable to wear. You won't even feel like you're wearing false lashes but all your friends and family will notice something different about you.
  3. Natural Look: Invisylash gives you a natural, thicker looking lash that enhances your natural beauty. As Invisylash are made of high-quality synthetic silk they look and feel like real lashes.  They are completely reusable and a box will last up to 30 days of continuous wear.
  4. Affordable: Invisylash is an affordable option for beginners who want to try false lashes without breaking the bank and they are infinitely cheaper than lash extensions.   Plus they are quicker, and work like an instant quick fix to perk up tired eyes and make your eyes look larger and brighter.

How to Apply Invisylash

Here are the 6 SIMPLE steps to apply Invisylash:

  1. Apply a fine layer of SuperBond to your natural lashes. 
  2. Gently remove the lnvisylash using precision tweezers to prevent breakages.
  3. If necessary, trim the Invisylash. I suggest cutting the lash into 3 sections and start from the outside of your eye and work inwards. You may find you don’t need all 3 sections. 
  4. Place the Invisylash UNDERNEATH your natural lash either with tweezers or using your fingers. It will gently adhere to the SuperBond.
  5. Wait until the SuperBond is completely dry, then squeeze the two lashes together.
  6. For a really secure 24hr hold use a heated lash curler. This is THE SECRET to long lasting lashes.


Q: How long do Invisylash last?

A: A single box of Invisylash can last up to 30 day if taken care of properly.

Q: Can I wear Invisylash with glasses?

A: Yes, you can wear Invisylash with glasses as each lash is only 7mm long.

Q: Are Invisylash reusable?

A: Yes, Invisylash are reusable. Just make sure to take care of them properly and I don’t recommend sleeping in your lashes.


Invisylash THE BEST lash to choose if you are a complete beginner who want to enhance your natural beauty without any fuss or huge expense. With their easy application, natural look, and affordability, Invisylash are a must-try for anyone who wants to try false lashes for the first time. Give Invisylash a try and see how it can enhance your your tired eyes and give you those gorgeous fluffy lashes of your youth! And not a drag queen in sight I promise.