False Lashes for SMALL eyes

If you are new to lashes you may struggle to find a pair of lashes small enough to precisely fit your eyes.   Or you may find your eyes are different shapes and one is smaller than the other.  At Hello Dame London, we cater to a variety of eye shapes and sizes, so we are sure to have a lash style that “catches your eye” and makes your eyes look utterly fabulous.

 For women with smaller eyes, the norm is excess lash trimming and extra effort is required in order to achieve a comfortable fit and flawless application.   This however, doesn’t have to be the case.   99% of our lashes come pre-cut so are ideally suited to those of you with smaller eyes, providing a shorter lash band, and therefore a much more accurate and flattering fit. 

Here are some of the best false eyelashes we sell, designed for small eyes, helping you easily pick a style you are guaranteed to love! 
Not everyone likes the look of a full lash band, which is why accent and ¾ lashes can also be a great option for a softer, more subtle appearance. The Invisylash range is ideal for smaller eyes thanks to their ¾ lash band, and they add a natural, textured look that radiates into longer lash strands towards the outer edge for an elegant, elongated finish.
If you love a wispy, texture and natural enhancement but have small eyes, then these micros lashes are a great option that isn’t too overpowering!  You can gently build up the lashes in layers and this lash style is the queen of understated.
These magnetic lashes are perfect if you’re looking for a chic, staple lash style to add to your collection. It’s classic and tasteful design adds a fluttery length and volume that is extremely wearable and versatile for an array of occasions. The band length is shorter making these ideal for smaller eyes as they provide a much more comfortable fit against a shorter lash line.
Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash