Get Started with False Lashes: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

If you're new to the world of false lashes, it's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when choosing false lashes.  At Hello Dame, you're in good hands.  We love to refer to our first-timers as "Newbies" and our mission is to provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. So, no need to worry about wasting money or looking like a drag queen – we've got your back and we have you covered.

Can older ladies wear false eyelashes?

Absolutely!  Invisylash can be worn by women of all ages, including older women. In fact, Invisylash can help enhance the natural beauty of mature eyes and add a youthful glow. However, it's essential to choose the right type of lashes that match your eye shape and avoid going too bold or dramatic. Also, it's crucial to use a high-quality adhesive or bond and apply the lashes with a gentle touch. With the right application and selection, our Invisylash lashes can look beautiful and natural on older women.

invisible lashes for mature women

How long does it take a beginner Newbie to apply Invisylash Minis?

The amount of time it takes a beginner to apply Invisylash Minis can vary depending on the individual's experience and skill level. Generally, with a little bit of practice, it's possible to apply our lashes in under a minute. However, if you're a complete Newbie, it may take a bit longer until you get the hang of it.  Don't worry, though - with patience and persistence, you'll soon be able to apply false lashes quickly and easily!

Know Your Eye Shape

Knowing your eye shape is crucial in finding the perfect set of false lashes. Different eye shapes require different types of lashes. For example, if you have almond-shaped eyes, fluttery lashes with longer lengths in the center will accentuate your natural shape. On the other hand, if you have round eyes, wispy lashes with more volume on the outer corners will elongate your eyes.

What About Hooded Eyes?

Although not technically an eye shape, hooded eyes are common amongst more mature women.  The best lashes are short sectional lashes that curl up over the eyelid. Our Invisylash Minis Superlight are specifically designed for Newbies with hooded eyes.  The lightweight design of the Minis Superlight lashes makes them easy to apply and comfortable to wear, even for those who are not used to wearing false lashes. These lashes are perfect for achieving a natural look, while still adding some extra volume and length to your lashes. Whether you're a lash beginner - "hello Newbie", or simply looking for a more natural lash option, Invisylash Minis Superlight is a great choice to start with.

Invisylash Minis Superlight

The Newbie Superlight Bundle is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking for the best starter kit. This bundle features a collection of lightweight and easy-to-apply "superlight" lashes and includes SuperBond and Tweezers, perfect for those who are new to wearing lashes.  With the Newbie Superlight Bundle, you can achieve a natural yet glamorous look that is sure to turn heads. These lashes are also versatile enough to be worn on any occasion, from everyday wear to special events. If you're a lash Newbie looking for the best false lashes to start with, the Newbie Superlight Bundle is definitely worth checking out.


Superlight lashes for beginners


Choose Your Lash Band

Lash bands come in different materials such as cotton, nylon, silk, and mink. Cotton bands tend to be more flexible, making them comfortable to wear but a bit too floppy. Nylon and silk bands are more durable and can hold their shape for longer periods of time. All our Invisylash lashes come on invisible lash bands made from synthetic silk so are unconditionally cruelty-free, suitable for vegans, and very comfortable to wear.


Superlight lashes for beginners


Pick Your Lash Style

The Invisylash collection offers three main lash styles: Superlight, Natural, and Alluring.  The Natural lashes are a great choice for everyday wear, providing a subtle enhancement to your natural lashes. On the other hand, the Alluring lashes are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, giving a bold and glamorous look.  All of the Invisylash styles are designed to add volume to sparse or thinning lashes, making them ideal for anyone who wants to add thickness and fullness to their natural lashes.  Whether you're looking for a natural or dramatic look, the Invisylash range has something to offer.

Choose the Right Glue or Bond

Selecting the appropriate glue is just as crucial as selecting the right lashes when it comes to applying false lashes. Invisylash provides a mascara-like adhesive called SuperBond that allows you to apply your false lashes underneath your natural lashes. The key to using SuperBond effectively is to apply it gently and allow it to dry for 60 seconds until it becomes tacky before attaching the Invisylash. Rushing through this step is the most common reason why customers believe the lashes don't work, and it is a common mistake made by beginners. So, take your time and apply the SuperBond with a light touch to ensure that your Invisylash stays in place for as long as possible. SuperBond works with senstive eyes too as the bond sits on your lashes and not your skin.


SuperBond for Invisylash lashes


Do I put mascara on before fake lashes?

It's generally best to apply mascara after applying false lashes. This can help prevent product buildup and ensure that the false lashes look natural and seamless. However, if you prefer to apply mascara before your false lashes, make sure to allow the mascara to dry completely before applying the lashes. This can help prevent smudging and ensure that the lashes stay in place for as long as possible. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we recommend applying mascara after your false lashes for the best results.

Application Tips

Now that you have all your materials ready, it's time to apply your Invisylash lashes. If you are using the Minis range you will not need to measure and trim. Apply a thin layer of SuperBond to your natural lashes and wait for 60 seconds for it to become tacky. Working from the outside in, carefully place eachd Inviylash UNDERNEATH your natural lash. If the SuperBond is tacky, the lashes will instantly stick. If not, you need to wait a bit longer. Once the SuperBond has dried, gently squeeze with your fingers. Finish by applying mascara to blend your natural lashes with the Invisylash.



What are the best false eyelashes for sensitive eyes?

If you have sensitive eyes, it can be challenging to find false lashes that don't irritate or cause discomfort. However, we recommend Invisylash Superlight as the best false lashes for sensitive eyes. These lashes are specifically designed to be uber lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for those with sensitive eyes. Plus, the Superlight lashes come with a SuperBond that's easy to apply and won't cause irritation. So, if you're looking for false lashes that are gentle on your eyes, give Invisylash Superlight a try!

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are essential to making your false lashes last longer. Remove the lashes gently by peeling them off from the outer corner towards the inner corner. Avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes as this can damage both the lashes and your natural lashes. Use a two phase makeup remover to clean any leftover glue from your lashes. Store your lashes in their original packaging or a clean, dry place to keep them in shape.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to applying false lashes, there are a few common mistakes that beginners should avoid. Firstly, avoid applying too much SuperBond as this can cause clumping. Secondly, avoid applying the lashes too far away from your natural lash line as this can create a noticeable gap. Lastly, avoid using lashes that are too heavy or thick for your natural lashes as this can look unnatural and uncomfortable.


If you're a Newbie to false lashes, don't worry, we've got you covered! Finding the best lashes can be a bit of a challenge, but with these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to achieving your perfect lash look. First, make sure to choose lashes that complement your eye shape and opt for a comfortable invisible band. Secondly, select the right style of lashes for the occasion - whether you're going for a natural or bold look.  And finally, remember to practice and be patient, as it may take a few tries to get the hang of it. With these tips and a little bit of practice, you'll soon be a false lash pro!

How Do I Get A Discount?

How Do I Get A Discount?

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