How to make peace with the ageing process

We are constantly bombarded with anti-aging messages. 

From anti-aging products to ageist stereotypes in beauty ads and on television, we’re constantly being told to hide, disguise or lie about our age.   We are all under enormous pressure to go under the knife as we are constantly reminded that ageing is BAD!  This is such rubbish and it drives us crazy at Hello Dame.

Contrary to what we’re often told, women become really do become wiser, more experienced, more confident and more beautiful with age.  When I speak to my lovely customers they all know this is true and yet the marketing departments of most beauty brands refuse to embrace this.  They erroneously believe older women don’t spend money on beauty products - what utter nonsense.

As a mature woman, I found shifting to an “accepting mindset” helped me shake off some ageist beliefs and allowed me to  enjoy my life so much more.  Why fight against what is inevitable?  Learn to love the new body that you inhabit post 50, it’s got you this far so it deserves some credit.

Here are six ways to make peace with the ageing process:

1. Simplify your beauty routine

Here at Hello Dame, we believe “less is slightly more” especially after 50. You can wear false lashes but if you go for a dramatic eye, tone down the lips.  

Or if you love wearing a bright red lip, tone down the eyes.  Keep it simple and classic.

2. Start or try something new

Picking up a new, creative hobby, taking a class or meeting new people are amazing ways to put yourself into mindset. 

Embracing innovative, creative outlets and interests makes every day a new adventure. It allows you to love your life at every age and stage.

Maybe even trying lashes for the very first time could be the start of something new and exciting in your life.  Our INVISYLASH range is ideally suited to mature women who are new to lashes.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or try? NOW is the time to go for it. 

3. Go makeup-free for a week

If you’re used to wearing a full face of makeup every day, your natural face can begin to look unfinished to you. 

Reset your expectations and your mindset by committing to go makeup-free for a week, a day or even an afternoon. 

After that, if you still want to, start adding back cosmetics until you get to a place that feels comfortable, easy and you. 

4. Try grey or silver hair

We’ve been told over and over and over that grey hair “ages you.” It’s akin to “giving up” or “letting yourself go.” 

But it’s simply not true. And more than ever before, women are embracing the freedom that comes with not dying their hair every 5 minutes.

I’ve seen thousands of women on social media out their gorgeous grey hair. Many of these women report feeling and looking better than ever before. 

If you’ve been on the fence about growing out your grey hair, this might be the time to give it a try.  It’s such a taboo subject but I encourage you to give it a go.

5. Add affirmations to your environment

If you’re prone to critical self-talk, you might find affirmations useful. 

Affirmations help you reframe your thoughts around challenging topics. Positive phrases like, “Every age is a new kind of beautiful,” “I become more with age, not less” or “Aging is a gift,” can help you shift your mindset.

Try writing your affirmation on sticky notes and placing them in helpful locations like the bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

The steps you take today will help you enjoy each year of your life even more. 

Tell us… are you already working to make peace with the ageing process? If so, how are you embracing life right now? Or if not, are you inspired to start?