How to trim your lashes to fit your eye shape perfectly!

If you think your new false eyelashes are too WIDE for your eyes, you can trim them down so they fit your eye shape perfectly.  Trimming your false eyelashes to match your eye size is simple and easy.   In just 2 simple steps you can have perfectly sized lashes.

What you’ll need:

  • pair of eyelashes - Invisylash Sonia
  • a pair of scissors and tweezers - QuickFix Toolbox

Step 1: Measure your eye using the clean, unused false eyelash. 

The quickest way to fit your lashes is to lay the lash over the upper lash line using your fingers and tweezers.   Make sure to position the lash so the inner corner of the lash (shortest hairs) starts from the mid point pupil.  

You will be cutting the outside edge (end with the longest lashes), NEVER cut the inner side of the lashes.  

Step 2: Trim the lash in small incremental steps.

To trim the false lashes, cut from the outside edge.  Be conservative with your cuts and just cut little by little because you don't want to over-trim the lashes.  As you trim, be sure to test the fit of the lashes by laying them across the tops of your existing lashes.

Now that you have cut to fit your lashes, this should help make putting your lashes on so much easier as they will now fit your eye perfectly.