Kiss ME Quick Lash Kisses

Ok let's talk micro lashes and our gorgeous Lash Kisses.  This set would make a fabulous present for the women in your life who already has everything.  Follow our Hello Dame Method for applying your lashes quick as a flash!

micro lashes from hello dame

The inside of the box contains EVERYTHING you need:

Lash Kisses by Hello Dame

  • Suitable for complete beginners or those with hooded eyes
  • Clear liner suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Each box lasts up to 90 days of continuous wear
  • Reusable, contact lens friendly and suitable to wear with glasses
  • The perfect gift set for women new to lashes
  • Sweat proof, gym proof and won’t fall off in food or drink.
  • Hello Dame lashes are made out of premium quality synthetic silk

micro lashes from hello dame

I love using the Kiko Eyeshadow sticks and tend to stick to one colour

micro lashes from hello dame

STEP ONE: Apply the clear liner to the lash band and NOT your eyelid

micro lashes from hello dame

STEP TWO: Gently place the micro lash at the very outer edge of your eye

micro lashes from hello dame

 STEP THREE: Press into place with the Angled Eyelash Brush

angled eyelash brush from hello dame

 STEP FOUR: Repeat on the other side and VOILA  super sexy eyes in seconds

Lash Kisses hello dame

Lash Kisses Hello Dame