Light as a FEATHER

Invisible lashes for beginners
Invisible lashes for beginners
Follow these incredibly easy steps to achieve a gorgeous lash look with

Superlight is a very pretty and subtle 3/4 lenght lash.  The lashes are specifically designed to mimic your natural lashes.  

  • Each box lasts up to 90 days of continuous wear
  • Reusable, contact lens friendly and suitable to wear with glasses
  • Can be trimmed to a shorter lash if required
  • Suitable for different eye shapes
  • Sweat proof, gym proof and won’t fall off in food or drinks
  • Perfect for complete beginners and those with Alopecia
  • Hello Dame lashes are made out of premium quality synthetic silk

Each Box Contains:

3 pairs of Superlight lashes in BLACK

1 bottle of adhesive liner in CLEAR

Invisible lashes for beginners
invisible lashes for beginners
lashes for beginnerslashes for beginners
lashes for midlife women