Light up your life with our NEW Glow Tweezers

OMG I love them!

“OMG I love them!” was my immediate reaction once I started using the Glow Tweezers.  Finally, I could see exactly which hairs to pluck and which to leave in place.  I was so impressed I decided I had to have this product in our range and share it with you.  I know how tricky it can be to see those stray, light hairs around your face, especially if you wear glasses.

I also believe we only really need a few tools in our make bag and that you don’t need to have a pair of tweezers every time you buy a pair of lashes.  Most of them go into landfill which is bad for the planet so I decided to remove them from the Invisylash range altogether. 

Accustomed to squinting into the mirror not being able to see?

Unsure how to get that perfect arch without over plucking?

Want beautiful brows in minutes?

You can now create beautiful brows and highlight your natural beauty in just 3 minutes (or less).   To guide you, I have put together some Hello Dame products that guarantee drop-dead gorgeous brows.


Our glow tweezers are designed with an LED light so you can see exactly what you are doing when you decide to tidy up your brows or stray hairs that appear on your face from nowhere!  

These lighted tweezers have a non-slip design to allow for more grip and to prevent the tweezers from slipping in your fingers, making your grooming process completely effortless.

They have other functional uses and can be applied to trim your eyebrows, nose hair, foot hair, facial hair and more.  They can also be applied as tweezers to grasp other light objects or even for your Hello Dame lashes!  The Glow Tweezers are made of stainless steel so they are durable, they won’t rust, break or fade and will last for ages.

2. QUICK FIX TOOL BOX - half price when you purchase Glow Tweezers

Keep everything you need for beautiful lashes and brows in one, handy place.

An entirely useful toolbox for those of you new to false lashes and brow enhancement, featuring everything you need.  My ethos is buy once and buy well. 

Your Quick-Fix Toolbox contains:

  •  1 x eyelash curlers
  •  1 x box of bands
  •  1 x tweezers large
  •  1 x tweezers small
  •  1 x scissors


When your lashes look good there’s no doubt, you feel more confident, feminine and you get noticed. Add in definition to your brows and your eyes REALLY WILL stand out.  Good looking brows are easy to achieve with the Brilliant Brow Definer.  

It’s no secret that as we get older, our eyebrows also start to thin, losing volume and with finer hairs than in the past. However, we know that most of you don’t like that heavy, micro-bladed look and neither do I.  So, if you want to emphasise your brows in a natural looking way, our Brow Definer has been designed to give you the brows you long for – in moments.  

Feel free to play around and experiment to find your favorite combinations and looks. There’s really no wrong way to do it, so just have fun!