The EYES Have It.

Who doesn’t love a product that can offer a multitude of benefits.  As we are all becoming more conscious about getting real value from our beauty products we’re looking for items that can do more in less time, save you money, and make you look better. 

Multi-use products are particularly useful for creating a makeup arsenal that can adapt to any situation. With the right lash, brow, and eye essentials, your makeup routine can easily go from daytime natural to dramatic and bold for night. Here’s how.


I remember talking to some customers about BEFORE Brows and AFTER Brows.  Brow products are pretty much part of our everyday routine now and it seems hard to remember a time when we didn’t all do our brows.  I like to call it BEFORE Brows.  To perfect your brows for day or night, you’ll need a brow pencil to shape and define your arches.

Choose one of our Brilliant Brow Definers in a shade that works with your hair colour and complexion:

  • Honey or Toffee Brown – Perfect for those with lighter complexions and blonde or light brown hair
  • Caramel or Chocolate Brown – Great for those with warmer undertones and darker hair
  • Dove Grey – Ideal for those with cool undertones and light brown to medium brown hair.

To shape and fill your brows, start where yours are sparse. Working outward from the area that requires the most attention, use short, hair-like strokes to follow and mimic your natural growth. 


For lashes that wow and won’t fade throughout the day, stick with products that are oil-free, conditioning, and water-resistant.  Anything with plant extracts or Vitamin E will condition your lashes whilst you wear it.

As for mascara, our Bionic Conditioning Mascara will be your VERY best friend. This is like a mascara and primer in one and both preps and enhances your lashes, providing effortless length and buildable volume. The conditioning formula contains peptides and plant extracts to help fortify your lashes, improve flexibility, moisturise, and enhance natural shine.


For a simple, elegant ‘day’ look, stick to enhancing a single feature. Bright eyes or red lips. Bold brows or dramatic lashes. A ‘statement’ feature, if you will.

For simple brows, use a light hand with your Brow Definer to fill in any sparse areas and enhance symmetry. The goal here is to keep your fill as natural as possible. Move in hair-like strokes and follow the less is more rule. 

For bolder days, combine the two products to create unstoppable, model-like brows. Pair with the Bionic Conditioning Mascara, a dab of blush or highlighter, and a clear lip gloss. Fresh faced and confident.

To enhance your eyes, apply a light liner or eyeshadow stick along the top lashes. A tight line will enhance your natural fullness, while a blended or smudged line provides a bit more drama. 

Now add some lashes.  With the InvisBond and Invisylash Superlight combo you can apply a daytime lash underneath your natural lash just to fill out thin or sparse lashes.  Now prepare for compliments.


If you want to emphasise both lashes and brows to the max. Boldness is in play!

Using the same products from your daytime routine, amp up the depth all around. Create denser, bolder, darker brows with the Dove Grey Brow Definer. Keep the hair-like strokes, but play up your brow shape and intensity.

Use multiple coats of the Bionic Conditioning Mascara, building the layers for enhanced drama and insane volume.  The mascara is so silky and glossy you don’t need to worry about it going clumpy or dry.

Then finish off with the Invisylash Alluring. This dramatic lash really will get heads turning and people staring.

With the proper products, the transition from day to night is a snap. Be bold. Be brave. Be beautifully you!