Naurally Bloomin' Gorgeous

This is the shot of Josie before she applied her

Invisylash Natural lashes.

Invisibly lashes for beginners

This is Josie AFTER she applied her Invisylash Natural lashes.  

I think you will agree the results speak for themselves!!

Invisible lashes for beginners
Invisible lashes for beginners
invisible lashes for beginners
The Hello Dame Method makes applying your lashes so so easy and will literally take seconds:
STEP 1 - measure the lash against your eye to check the width.  If you feel it is too long you can trim it down with sharp scissors.  You can trim from either end.
STEP 2 - apply the clear adhesive to the lash band and NOT your eyelid.  Allow the liner to go tacky by counting to 40.  DON'T RUSH THIS BIT!
STEP 3 - gently place the lash against your natural lash line and using the Angled Eyelash Brush, press it into position.
And that's it - so so easy.