Summer Weddings - How To Look Sensational In A Suit

Confession time - I haven't worn a dress in years and the thought of wearing a dress to a wedding that I will purchase once and never wear again... forget it.  I would rather wear a well tailored suit and go to town on the accessories.   

The great thing about the suit option is layering and if you are post 40 it's ALL about layering to control your hot flushes!  If you start to feel to warm you can take the jacket off and if you start to feel chilly you can put it back on.  You can wear sparkly heels during the day or wedges and then dress the whole lot down in the evening with a pair of white trainers.

A well-tailored suit REALLY will make you feel confident, stylish, and very on trend.  To truly look sensational in a suit, you need to pay attention to a few key details, from the fit and fabric, what you wear underneath to the accessories and shoes. In my humble opinion you can't beat Zara for suits for price and tailoring so here is some inspo to whet your appetite.  

Note - whoever is in charge of the Zara photo shoots needs firing coz the photos do not do the clothes justice! I would never wear black heavy shoes either.


This is a classic mother of the bride colour and suits women with grey hair.  I like the fact that the button on the Zara option is the same colour as the suit. You could wear a simple blouse underneath and go all out on the hat!

Summer Wedding Suit

 ZARA FIND Zara Pink Suit


I know, I know, Kate is not wearing a suit here but it goes to show how you can wear a soft colour and make it look incredible.  The lace detail is divine and elevates this colour and makes it look so sophisticated.  I would wear a lace blouse underneath the suit and def go for a big rose fascinator.

summer wedding


wedding summer suit


This is all about statement dressing and you will not blend into the background in strong colours.  Although technically a jumpsuit, this shows how flamboyant accessories can completely change an outfit. I love the wedges too.  Also note she has kept her makeup low key.

Wedding Suit Inspo


Summer Wedding Suit


You are definitely going to stand out in this colour but with everyone in pastels why the hell not?  I think the shirt adds lots of interest and the hat is to die for.  Personally I wouldn't have black in the mix so would have changed the buttons and toned down the lipstick but each to their own.



Zara Suit


This is controversial as lots of people think you should not wear white to a wedding.  However off white or ecru is perfectly acceptable especially if it's a really hot day.  Keeping it simple is key to wearing white and this outfit looks fresh and cool.  

summer wedding suit


Summer Wedding Suit