You Asked, I Listened – New Product Launching Soon

Firstly, I want to thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to email me with your product ideas and improvements.  I read every email and comment and carefully listen to the positives and negatives.  You are at the centre of my brand and I want to create products that you find easy to use and that slip easily into your normal daily makeup routine.

Lots of you have been asking for more choice when it comes to the styles of magnetic lash.  You asked, I listened therefore I am delighted to tell you that next week I am launching a new Lash Enhancer Bundle - 4 striking styles of magnetic lashes for the price of 3!!  I mean, what’s not to love?

THINKING OF THE ENVIRONMENT - I’ve removed the tweezers.  I know this is really important to a lot of you as most of them end up in landfill.  You can buy our beautiful Glow Tweezers separately here

THINKING OF CHOICE - I’ve removed the liner.  If you have been wearing the Hello Dame magnetic lashes chances are you have plenty of liner but need more choice in lash style.  You can purchase the liner separately here.

THINKING OF COMFORT - I’ve removed the individual magnets and made the whole band magnetic which guarantees the lash is much more comfortable for everyday wear. 

Each Lash Enhancer Bundle contains…

Alison is an ultra fine, pretty little lash designed to blend seamlessly with your natural lash line.  A comfortable and contoured fit that’s fine yet strong enough for all day wear.  Ideal for smaller eyes looking to add subtle volume. 

Deborah is a wispy, graduated style of lash designed to blend seamlessly with your natural lash line.  Deborah offers lightly layered lash strands, delicately arranged achieving gradual length and wispy ends for a subtle and natural appearance. 

Gill is a very natural magnetic lash and perfect for all day wear.  Gill mimics the look of a natural lash pattern similar to lash extensions.  Designed with soft and gently curled lash layers with tapered outer-edge oomph..   

Isabelle is a fuller, thicker lash designed to blend seamlessly with your natural lash line.  Isabelle looks great on all eye shapes.  When you're looking for a bit of luxury, but don't want to go too dramatic or glam, Isabelle is your go- to choice for parties, weddings, Zoom calls or when you want your eyes to look sultry and sexy!

  • Each box lasts up to 30 days of continuous wear
  • Reusable, contact lens friendly and suitable to wear with glasses
  • Suitable for different eye shapes and ideal for beginners
  • Sweat proof, gym proof and won’t fall off in food or drink
  • Hello Dame lashes are made out of premium quality synthetic silk
  • Use a Two Phase Oil Based solution to remove magnetic eyeliner

You may wish to purchase this for yourself or to buy the Lash Enhancer Bundle and give it as a Christmas gift to the women in your life.  This amazing bundle will launch WEDNESDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2021.

If you have any other ideas or product improvements you would like to share with me, please send an email to