Your easy guide to creating FABULOUS BROWS at any age

Keep your eyebrows looking fabulously groomed with our top eyebrow grooming tips that are sure to give you a professional finish every single time!

Find the perfect shape

The secret to perfect brows is finding your perfect shape. This will give you an idea of any stray hairs you need to pluck, as well as giving you an idea where you might need to fill in with make-up too. Let us introduce you to brow mapping….

Step 1 – Take the Angled Eyelash Brush and hold the brush at the angle from the corner of your nose to the inner corner of your eye. This is where your brow should start.

Step 2 – For the arch, look straight ahead and hold the brush from the corner of the nose straight up through the centre of the eye.

Step 3 – To mark the end of the eyebrow, hold the brush from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Tidy up any stray hairs

Once you’ve found your shape, then take our super slanted Glow Tweezers to pluck any strays. Simply place the tip of the tweezer at the root of the hair you want to pluck; getting as close to the hair as possible and pull.  Always remember to pull in the direction of hair growth and keep the Glow Tweezers as close to the skin as possible.

Fill in your Eyebrows

Using these marks as a template, it’s now time to begin filling in your eyebrows with your favourite Brilliant Brow Definer!

For most women, a shade of soft brown will work, and is the best starting point for color. Brown gives dark brows some depth and it doesn't overwhelm lighter hair.

Test different shades on the side of your hand so you can see if the shade has warm or cool undertones. If you have red or strawberry-blonde hair, warm (red or orange-ish) tones will look good. Other hair colors should stick with cooler undertones namely a soft charcoal grey.

  • Blondes should try light taupe or a pencil one or two shades darker than their natural hair color.
  • Brunettes should choose a pencil that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color. Don't try black or a shade darker than your hair unless you want some angry, evil-looking brows.
  • Those with raven black hair should still keep away from the black pencil. Instead, try a softer brown.
  • Redheads should try taupe and medium brown.
  • Grey-haired gals should go for light brown instead of another shade of grey.

Our QuickFix handy tool box gives you everything you need for fabulous brows and lashes and makes the perfect present for the women who is new to lashes and brows.