How to apply Lash Lovers Freya


Okay darlings. 

Today I'm going to talk about Lash Lovers Freya.  These pretty lashes have been specifically designed for women who have never worn false eyelashes before, especially those of you who have thinning or very fine lashes.

I designed the lashes to sit on a clear band so that you don’t see a dark band along your lash line.  The clear band is really unusual and when you hold the lash against your skin you won’t be able to see the band that the lashes sit on.  This is to mimic your natural lashes as much as possible.  Freya are also the shortest lashes I offer designed to look as natural as possible.  The kit contains 3 pairs of lashes, clear eyeliner and a pair of tweezers.

At Hello Dame, I have a very specific way of applying lashes called The Hello Dame Method.  To begin with, it might seem a bit of a palaver and a bit of a faff.  It's not, it's just that you're new to lashes so it's best to take it slowly and learn how to apply them properly, because if you miss one of these steps, you're going to find that your lashes don't work and that's going to be frustrating and annoying for you.   So take your time, read through each step or or watch some of the videos on the site so that you can apply and wear your lashes with confidence. 


When your lashes arrive the temptation is to rip open the box, pull them out of the packaging and put them straight on to your eyes.  If you've never worn eyelashes before, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT.  Follow each step below carefully as lashes do take a bit of practice.  


I can't say this enough times, practice first, practice first, and don't practice on your eyes.  The reason for this is the eyes are a sensitive area and impatience will set in if you’re not careful.  The best place to practice is on the inside of your wrist.  The skin on your wrist is very similar to the skin around your eyes.  It's soft and delicate, and looking down at an angle and trying to draw a line on your wrist gives you a good idea of how the lashes work and how they adhere.   When you see how simple and easy it is you will feel so much more positive about applying them to your eyes.

A - Take the lid off the liner and press it against something dark. I suggest doing it against the lid of the box, just so that you can see the eyeliner is actually coming out.

B - Draw some lines across the inside of your wrist.  Let it go tacky.  You need to draw 3 to 5 layers.

C - Gently pull one of the lashes out of the box and apply it to your wrist, where the liner is and you will see it stick instantly.  Press the lash to your wrist making sure the ends stick down too.

If you very gently pull the lash, you can see it will pull the skin with it.  If this doesn’t work go back to A and try again. There's no difference between the skin on your wrist and the skin around your eye. You have seen the lash stick to your wrist so you know it will stick to your eyelid.


Remove the lash from your wrist and bend it with your fingers to make it pliable.  Now hold the lash against your eye.  If you feel the lash is too long, trim it down a bit it.  You don't have to this part, it’s completely optional but we all have different shaped eyes so you can adjust the lashes to suit you.


Always apply eyelashes to clean dry eyelids.  It makes such a difference, if your eyelids are free of makeup.   And if you're not sure, get a bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad and give your eyes the once over just to make sure they really are clean and free of any grease or residue eyeshadow. 


Take your eyeliner pen and draw fine lines, right along the top lash line.  If you do start wandering up towards your crease and your eye socket, you might find that it all starts sticking. So just try and be as precise as you can.

Build up between three and five layers, just letting the line dry each time.   This is exactly the same process as applying them to your wrist.  You know that the liner is coming out because you've tested it and you know that the lashes stick, because you practiced on your wrist first.

Attaching The Lash

The trick is to lift your chin and look down and then just place the lash on to your eyelid.  The first time you pop it on, it's not going to just magically jump into shape, you have to give it a bit of an adjustment.   Using the point of the pen, you tap the lash into place.   I often squeeze my natural lash the the Freya lash together with my fingers to make sure they stick together.


Step five is all about pressing them into place so make sure the lash is pressed against your skin.  If it's not sticking, press again or add a bit more liner.  Keep pressing the lash against your skin until you can see the lash is flat against your eyelid.

Remember Step 1.  The lashes do stick because you saw it demonstrated on your wrist.


I tend to use the cream eyeshadow sticks because they are so easy to use and blend.

Mascara is a personal choice and can be used before or after applying your lashes.

So that’s it, easy peasy when you know how.  I really hope you learn to love your Hello Dame lashes as much as I do and don’t forget there are heaps of videos if you prefer a visual demonstration.

Big hug