The Power of PURPLE Shampoo!

Green hair, discolouration and lack of shine are common problems if you decide to dye your hair grey to speed up the process.  Using a purple shampoo is a fast track to fresher, brighter hair.  Here's some top tips that I found to be helpful...

WHAT IS PURPLE SHAMPOO?  It's pigment depositing shampoo.  The small amount of semi permanent purple dye that it contains is designed to keep blonde/grey hair looking brighter and shiny.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Through colour correction.  Whether chemically lightened or naturally blonde, hair can look yellowy thanks to the effects of hard water, UV damage, heat styling, product build up or just your hair's natural warmth coming through.  As my hair was dyed dark brown, as you can see in the photos it took quite a few goes to get it to the colour I wanted.

Bleaching brown hair greyGrey hair

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED PURPLE SHAMPOO? A purple shampoo is a great buy if you're struggling to keep your grey hair looking it's best.

HOW DO I USE IT? Carefully, too much will make your hair look dull so go easy and build up slowly.  It stains too so make sure you wash down your shower or bath so it doesn't ruin the grout.  

DO I NEED TO USE A PURPLE CONDITIONER TOO?  Purple shampoo is the most effective and the conditioner is a nice to have but won't change the colour of your hair as the violet pigments sit on the outside of the hair meaning the effect will only last until your next wash.

WILL IT DAMAGE MY HAIR?  It can be drying, though new formulations are often enriched with hydrating ingredients, I found using it once a week, leaving it on for about 15 mins and using a regular conditioner seems to work best.

Hope that helps.