We did it and I am so proud...


Have you ever won an award? It could be anything from employee of the month, the cutest baby, star pupil of the week, or even the much-coveted Nobel prize - ok now I’m exaggerating but you get the point.   It’s not the prestige that matters but how it makes us feel.   Awards make us feel good.   They are an acknowledgment of a job well done and justification for the agony, the self-doubt, and the hard work that went into winning them.   Awards can make us feel proud, happy, overwhelmed, and delighted.   They give us validation and boost our confidence.

 That’s why I am so proud and happy to have received Highly Commended at the Global Beauty Awards which is incredible given that Hello Dame only launched 6 months ago.  Acknowledgment and recognition are vital human needs.  Winning and losing generate strong emotional responses in us.  We have evolved to want to win because historically it may have been the difference between life and death.  Winning a battle against the marauding Vikings meant life and land while losing was death or slavery. And so we have evolved to want to win and we get pleasure from winning.  Well I certainly do.

 Receiving an award brings more benefits than just winning.  An award brings credibility and opens doors to new opportunities.  It can impress potential customers and boost sales, improve employee engagement and loyalty.  Awards demonstrate that we take pride in what we do and that we do it well.  Despite the many ups and downs of 2020, I really do believe I made the right choice when I decided to bring eyelashes to an older demographic.   I still have so many exciting things I want to do with the brand which includes branching into cosmetics.

By celebrating excellence and all that is good in humanity we are valuing human achievement and encouraging more of it. Let’s never forget that and always remember to acknowledge effort and excellence.